Why Choose AWP?

We don’t want to sell you a new roof. The main priority of typical commercial and industrial roofing companies is to keep their crews working. To do so, they have to continually sell more jobs. Do you really want an estimator on your roof whose only concern is to keep his guys working? We will assess your roof issue, present you with the options, suggest the best options and then listen to you and try to work with your budget to give you the best value for your dollar.

We focus solely on fixing and maintaining your roof. All of us know exactly how to stop the water. For example, you wouldn’t take your car to an assembly line worker to get it fixed, why should you do the same thing with your roof?

Since all of our employees have worked on installation we all understand and have a working knowledge roofing systems. While knowing how to install a roof is a huge building block to fixing the problem the right way, there are many other factors that play into it, that you can only learn by thousands of hours spent fixing leaks, which we have.

We use only commercial grade products We are not just some guy in a pickup with a bucket of whatever the local hardware store sells in the back.

Communication From the very beginning of any project, we communicate with your key people so that we can work around your particular circumstances and avoid impacting your daily work schedule. All work performed is recorded with before, during and after pictures which will be presented to you upon completion of the job.

On The Job Safety One of the most important parts in roofing since the work is sometimes performed at great heights as well as many other hazards. We are dedicated to provide the safest work environment possible for our employees, clients and their buildings.

Current Safety Plan In PlaceWe pride ourselves in being an OSHA compliant company. All members have appropriate levels of OSHA certification and attend our regular safety meetings. We are dedicated to the safety of our employees and of those around us.

Licensing AWP Roofing is fully licensed and in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee. So you can rest easy knowing if there are any zoning regulations or special permits that we will take care of it.

Insurance AWP Roofing is fully insured with industry standard general liability insurance. To request proof of insurance before work just call us.

Members of Our Local Community We are community minded, and community based. We are happy to see all businesses prosper and we are here to help grow our local community.

AWP Roofing currently holds membership with:

Shoals Chamber of Commerce
Greater Limestone Chamber of Commerce
Shoals Home Builders Association
More will be added soon